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Welcome to Export Promotion Council of Indian Manpower

The Export Promotion Council of Indian Manpower (EPCOM) is Registered under Companies Act 1956 (under Section 25) as a non-profit Society representing Indian Manpower Exporters and allied professionals.

Manpower export is a specialized profession that helps generate overseas employment for the already vast unemployed/under employed population in India. Manpower exporters mainly caters to the developing oil rich and wealthy gulf countries. Besides countries like USA, UK and are also catered with highly skilled professionals including medical and para medical staff. In the recent past European countries like Romania, Poland, Slovakia etc. had also opened up for Manpower from India. The Foreign exchange it generates from the Overseas Employment sector is unbeatable by any other export oriented industry.

The Manpower Export Industry at this hour is facing difficult time due to the unpractical policies of the Indian Government. Instead of providing a helping hand to the industry, government is cutting its wings by making policies not suitable to the industry. Such as, the Ministry is contemplating to increase application fee from Rs 5,000/- to 25,000/- and bank guarantee to just one slab of Rs 1 Crore instead of existing 3 slabs of Rs. 3 Lakh, Rs. 5 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh for deployment capacity of 300 workers, 1000 workers and 1000+ workers respectively.

This is a defining moment, when the industry as a whole, should raise strong voice against government policies. At the same time it must also uphold standards and instill a self - correcting mechanism. Indian Manpower Exporter fraternity has understood the criticality of this scenario, manifesting in the creation of EPCOM.

EPCOM shall work tirelessly towards these avowed goals to put the Indian Manpower Exporters in their rightful place of eminence on the global map.
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