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Do's and Don'ts For Members

  1. Always display a copy of your Registration Certificate at a prominent place in your office and Branch, if any, duly approved by Registering Authority.
  2. Members should not charge more than the prescribed fee from the emigrants.
  3. As per ministry’s requirements, members shall maintain the following permanent records at their place of business :

  4. a) a register of receipt of charges from emigrants recruited, in the form of an original acquittance Roll containing the signature of each emigrant from each of whom the charge has been received. Each such Register shall be with reference to a demand for recruitment;
    b) a register and record of the amounts and Pre-paid Ticket Advices, along with their photo copies received from the employer, identified demand-wise;
    c) a register containing details of expenses incurred on the recruitment of emigrants demand-wise supported by documents;
    d) individual folders for each employer whose demands of labour the holder of the certificate has processed, proposed to process or is processing;
    e) bio-data (giving full particulars including name, address, age, skill, experience and address of next of kin) of each emigrant recruited by the holder of the certificate;
    f) copies of employment contracts of each emigrant as authenticated by the Protector of Emigrants;
    g) original demand, power of attorneys and correspondence with the employers;
    h) all documents relating to recruitment of emigrants, including office copies of all advertisement issued, letters of interviews and correspondence with applicants, original award sheet leading to the selection, names and addresses of persons involved in the selection process, copies of letters of appointments, trade testing particulars, etc;
    i) a register of visas received from the employers, giving separate account of block and individual visas;
    j) a register of claims for compensation for injury or death made by the emigrants or their dependents, recruited by the holder of the certificate giving the name, address of the emigrant, emigration number, country of employment, nature of injury or death, as the case may be, date of accident, name and address of the recipients, name and address of the employer, and the receipt in original in token of having made the payment of compensation be pasted;
    k) such other records as may be required to be maintained by the registering authority;
  5. that holder of the certificate shall furnish return of the preceding month in Form IV by the 10th of the succeeding month;
  6. that copies of advertisements for recruitment of the emigrants shall be filed with the Protector of Emigrants; and
  7. that recruiting agent shall not charge the repatriation expenses from the emigrants.
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