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We welcome the like minded people in the profession to join and strengthen EPCOM. Our aim is to bring people of the trade at one collective platform for the welfare of this community and to take issues with government authorities which are of importance to the trade.
To Join EPCOM a prospective member needs to take the following steps :

  1. Kindly download Membership Form and fill it up with your photograph.
  2. Send the Membership Form complete in all respect including signature and stamp alongwith signed and stamped Terms & Conditions to the registered office of EPCOM.
  3. A one time non refundable fee of Rs 5,100/- is payable by every member for joining the Council.
  4. Subscription Fee : Subscription fee of Rs 1,000/- for a quarter is applicable for every member. This can be paid quarterly i.e. Rs 1,000/-, half yearly Rs 2,000/- or for a year Rs 4,000/-. Subscription will be applicable from 1st April of the current year to 31st March of the next year.
  5. On receipt of the above, the working committee will take its decision to admit the desiring member. Working Committee will send a notice to its members to inform if anyone have any objection to admit the new member within 7 working days. EPCOM in its absolute discretion may admit members and shall be empowered to reject any application for admission without assigning any reasons.
  6. Working Committee will revert to you immediately with its decision.

The following structure of subscription is likely to be proposed in the next meeting of the working committee which will be implemented after approval of the comittee:-

Membership Type

Basis of Calculation
With Annual revenue of :

Fee Structure (April-March)




For 3 years

S – Small

Under Rs 1 Crore



M- Medium

Between Rs 1 Cr and 5 Cr



L – Large

Above Rs 5 Crore



Service Tax of 12.36% is inclusive.

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